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7 Signs of Risky Drinking

The signs of risky drinking habits don’t always jump up and down in front of you. They tend to sneak in quietly while you’re not looking.

If the whole COVID-19 thing is getting you down, you might have picked up a few unhealthy habits that can be hard to brush off. They might not seem that serious right now, but over time the impact on your health, finances and relationships can easily grow.

It helps to know how to spot the signals when deciding it’s time to take action. And don’t worry, even if you recognise these signs, you can take steps to reduce your risk. Here are some of the signs you might be experiencing: 

Spot the drinking warning signs.

Challenges cutting back
Drinking earlier in the day
Drinking to alleviate stress or boredom
People are expressing concern
Finding it difficult to meet daily tasks
Difficulty in controlling emotions
Drinking more to get the same effect
  1. You have tried cutting back a couple of times, but you’re not making much progress.
  2. Is midday too soon for a glass of white? You’re starting to drink much earlier in the day than you ever did before.
  3. Stress and boredom are making you go to the fridge more than you usually would for a quick drink or two.
  4. Relatives and friends are asking questions about your drinking.
  5. Your boss is hassling you about not getting work done on time and daily chores are beginning to slide.
  6. You’re losing your temper more quickly when you have been drinking – everything just gets on your nerves.
  7. You’re drinking much more than you used to just to get the same effect.

Our Drinking Calculator can help you figure out if your drinking behavior is heading into risky territory.

Whether you’re out of lockdown or still staying safely indoors, now’s the time to turn things around. And, yes, of course we can help you with that – Find out how you can reduce your drinking

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