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How to change

If you think there are changes you’d like to make to your drinking, it is time to understand the steps you can take to make that change.

Find out more about reducing your drinking

Wanting to change your drinking habits doesn’t necessarily mean you need intensive treatment – plenty of us want to drink less, and just need a bit of support in making some lifestyle changes to achieve this. 

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Time to Change

You might have a nagging feeling that some habits have taken a turn for the worse. Now’s the time to reflect on your drinking during COVID-19 as we start to take control of our lives again.

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Tips to break a habit

Being isolated at home during COVID –19, many of us have picked up a habit or two, without even realising it.  Some of us have reported that we are drinking a bit more than before. Here is how to take steps to get back to a healthier lifestyle.

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Coping with stress

It’s quite natural to feel anxious, lonely or bored in this new environment. So, if you’ve been leaning on coping strategies, there are healthier options to consider.

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Reduce Your Drinking

You might be worried that the amount you drink every day and every week has crept up to risky levels. Find out how you can reduce your drinking.

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